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Our Mission

By fostering positive relationships with both our employees and customers, delivering exceptional and valuable products or services, and acknowledging the contributions of each individual, we create an environment where everyone takes pride in their association with our company.

Alpha Landscapes, LLC

has established itself as one of the leading landscape construction companies nationwide. Founded by Louis Polish Jr., our company is built on the core principle of providing customers with exceptional products at affordable prices. At Alpha Landscapes, Inc., we take great pride in delivering the highest quality materials and craftsmanship to our valued customers. To ensure this level of excellence, our staff members undergo rigorous training in their respective fields, guaranteeing a top-notch and precise job site experience.

To cater to all your project requirements, Alpha Landscapes, LLC employs a licensed landscape architect along with a team of talented landscape and pool designers. Our trusted material vendors supply us with the finest products available in the market, ensuring both the quality our clients deserve and the prompt completion of their projects. Take a look at our Vendors link page to discover the remarkable range of products we offer; you’ll be amazed at the possibilities.

In addition to pool and landscape projects, Alpha Landscapes, LLC provides an extensive range of services and products. We specialize in concrete and masonry work, enabling us to bring our clients’ most imaginative and unique projects to life. Visit our services page to explore the full spectrum of offerings we provide to our esteemed clients.


The employees at Alpha Landscapes embody a remarkable sense of camaraderie and radiate positive energy throughout the company. From the moment you step into our workplace, you can feel the genuine bonds and teamwork that exist among our team members. Whether it’s collaborating on projects, supporting one another through challenges, or celebrating shared successes, our employees create an atmosphere of unity and support. This positive energy not only fosters a productive work environment but also translates into exceptional customer service, as our team takes pride in delivering outstanding results.