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At Alpha Landscapes,

we offer a progressive work environment with ample room for advancement and increased earning potential. Our diverse range of opportunities includes irrigation installation, equipment operation, driving, paver installation, and more. As you demonstrate your skills and dedication, you’ll have the chance to acquire new abilities and enhance your income. Prior to joining our team, there are several important details we need to discuss with you.

Some things to consider.

The position you are applying for.

We are a landscape company. The position you are accepting is a landscape installation position. Duties of this position will include:

Lifting of more than 50lbs

Use of hand tools including:

  • Shovels
  • Rakes
  • Wheelbarrows
  • Cutting tools
  • Small power and hand tools

Working at job sites that have the use of:

  • Moderate construction traffic
  • Use of heavy equipment
  • Other construction trades
  • Loud Construction equipment

The required Personal Protection Equipment (PPE’s).

You will be issued the following PPE’s:

  • Hard Hats – issued by Alpha Landscapes
  • Gloves – issued by Alpha Landscapes
  • Safety Glass – issued by the foreman on request
  • Safety Vest – issued by the foreman for work on streetscapes

You will be responsible for the following PPE’s:

All employees must wear hard hats and work boots at all times on job sites.

Failure to wear your PPE’s will result in:

  • Being sent home without pay
  • Suspension or
  • Termination

Getting to the job sites.

  • You will be given the phone number of your foreman and he will direct you to the job site.
  • You are responsible for getting to and from the job sites.

If you have any questions regarding your Foreman or your position, please direct your questions to

Employment Application

Fill out the information below and human resources will contact you.